Quebec puppies reunite after being rescued two years prior

NEWS – Happy yowls and barks filled the air in a neighborhood of Hampstead on Sunday to celebrate a reunion of more than 13 dogs rescued nearby.

Gerdy Rescues and Adoptions hosted the event nearly two years after the pups were collected from a nearby breeder in Berthierville, a city east of Montreal.

At the time, rescuer Marilyn Gelfand said neighbors found the pups running around on the street.

They are traumatized, she says, and need veterinary care.

“They’re mostly Yorkies mixed with Chinese Cresteds, Chihuahuas, and Terriers,” said Gelfand.

The pups were shy at first. But once they were social, “they were a joy,” she said.

“They were starting to come out of their shells, which was amazing.” She said. When they were ready for adoption, “we were very, very careful where they were going.”

One of the lucky puppy parents was Lisa Griffin, who adopted two of the dogs: Lucas and Ricky.

“When I first met her, Ricky was very scared of everyone, but (but now) he’s getting bolder,” she said.

“Lucas was a bit catatonic,” she added, but since his adoption, “he’s come out and has a personality of his own.”

A dog rescue in Hampstead hosted a reunion of 13 dogs on Sunday, July 11, 2021, all of which had been recovered nearly two years earlier. (Angela MacKenzie, CTV News)


Gelfand says Gerdy’s has seen an increase in pet owners giving up dogs bought or adopted during the pandemic.

“Our numbers are increasing every week,” she said.

“We had a COVID puppy two weeks ago, another dog with great separation anxiety that we are trying to convey.”

Gelfand says she expects more dogs to arrive at the shelter as people return to work more often.

“It will be an increasing problem as people go back to working full time and certainly expect a large influx of COVID dogs after the summer.”

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