Rayleigh family’s warning as puppy fights Parvovirus

A heartbroken family who have been through “absolute hell” since their 20-week-old puppy Lily parvovirus issued a drastic warning as she fights for her life.

Despite being fully vaccinated, staff member Lily was admitted to intensive care on Saturday and remains in critical condition to the horror of her family.

Owner Karen Wagg has been waiting for a dog like Lily to arrive for 29 years and has paid £ 1,500 for a “wonder drug” to help her four-legged friend recover.

The family takes Lily around Rayleigh and once a week through John Burrows Park in Hadleigh. They fear that their pup picked up the virus somewhere in these areas after sniffing on an infected dog.

Lily has now been prescribed every possible drug for the disease, but she remains seriously ill.

Karen from Rayleigh said, “Usually she’s a really healthy dog, but on Thursday morning she was very sick in her cage. We took her outside and she was sick about eight times in two hours. It came out like white foam.

“She was still sick that night so we called the vets who said there were some nasty belly bugs going on right now. We have been told to keep her hydrated and if it gets worse give her a call.

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“Then she had diarrhea and so they got an injection, but the next morning she was just covered in blood and still had diarrhea. Everything just streamed out of her wherever her guts went.

“She went to intensive care on Saturday and is now isolated. We can’t even see them.

“On Tuesday she tried licking chicken and wagging her tail, it seemed better on itself, but it turned into the worst overnight.”

By raising awareness about parvovirus, the family – who has only had Lily for 12 weeks – hope they can help ensure that every other precious pooch suffers the same fate.

The virus, a highly contagious disease that can be fatal, attacks cells in a dog’s intestines, preventing them from absorbing vital nutrients.

This means that the dog or puppy will become very weak and dehydrated.


Karen, 59, added, “If you’ve been to Rayleigh or Hadleigh in the last week or so please take care of your pup and if he / she suddenly becomes severely ill all of a sudden, don’t hesitate to contact your vet – whether he was vaccinated. ” or not.

“We are absolutely heartbroken and don’t want other pups or their owners to go through what we are experiencing. She has given us so much joy since we had her and is just part of the family.

“The vet said that we are so unlucky that it is rare for a fully vaccinated puppy to ingest the virus, but we just want everyone to be aware that this can happen.”

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