Renton pet store criticized over payment systems and puppy mills

Renton Puppyland receives complaints

Puppyland is accused of pushing confusing financial terms, misleading payment systems, and puppies out of puppy factories outside of the state.

More people in the community are raising concerns after Q13 News published a story back in 2019 about Puppyland in Renton, in which a couple accused the company of an expensive and confusing puppy lease.

After speaking to Q13 News, Puppyland said they no longer rent out puppies.

However, other customers have come up with their own problems.

Jasmin Espina said she bought the sheepdog “Luna” from Puppyland in Renton through a payment system with an interest rate of almost 99%.

But Espina claims she was told by shop clerks not to worry about it.

Espina says she was told the high interest rate wouldn’t kick in for two years if she didn’t pay the $ 6,000 she owed for the pup.

Shortly after leaving Puppyland with the pup, Espina said she checked with the financier and learned that she had three months, not two years, to pay off the pup before the interest rate kicked in.

“How much information do you get while in the store?” asked Ashly Dale. Dale is with Bailing Out Benji, a nonprofit that battles puppy mills.

She says that along with aggressive and unfair payment systems, Dale’s biggest concern with Puppyland is that they allegedly source their pups from puppy mills outside of the state.

“Puppyland didn’t necessarily break the law,” said Dale.

But Dale says businesses should not ethically get milled puppies because of the abuse of parent dogs.

Dispute over leasing dogs

Dispute over leasing dogs

“Puppy mills are occasionally licensed and inspected, but the conditions in which the animals are raised are dire. Dogs are legally allowed in cages that are six inches taller than their bodies. There are no breeding restrictions,” said Dale.

Dale says her organization has also received a number of inquiries and complaints about Puppyland, which has offices in Renton and Puyallup.

“Ten to 15 who called in about problems with their puppy, such as an illness or hereditary disease,” said Dale.

The company released a statement Thursday saying that owners Justin and Kayla Kerr regret the allegations.

The explanation reads in part:

“We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing for our customers and their pets.

We travel to find the highest quality breeders to provide our pet owners with the best possible experience and the healthiest puppies.

In addition to our current guarantees, we are working with our law firm on an even more comprehensive 2-year health guarantee with the date still open. As a family company, we value our customers and treat them like our own family.

We ask anyone who has had problems with our puppies, contracts or services to contact us directly. You can reach out to our pet trade advocates, Paula or Albert Sardinas.

[email protected]


As for Espina, she says she needed to get a lawyer to return the puppy a day later and get her money back.

The Renton family says they are heartbroken over the whole ordeal.

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