Ryan Reynolds with a puppy is all the Labor Day content we needed

Is there anything better than puppy content on social media? How about Celebrities with puppies (or really pets in general)? That’s why we’re here for Ryan Reynolds with a puppy.

About on Instagram, Reynolds shared on September 5th what must be one of his cuter posts. The post shows the actor sitting in the middle of a trampoline cuddling a golden retriever puppy. Cue all feelings!

Of course the way it is Ryan Reynolds and he’s basically the living embodiment of his Marvel character Deadpool, the actor’s caption for the post is a lot less sticky and cute than the picture itself. His caption reads, “I don’t know where such anger comes from.”

Obviously, it was the other day for Reynolds as this puppy looks more bored than angry. And that’s fine. I mean, we’d be totally bored if we were a puppy just cuddling on a trampoline. Where’s the hop? Where are the goodies? Deadpool clearly let this pup down.

Ryan Reynolds is cuddling a puppy on Labor Day weekend, and we need to know all about that puppy!

We have no idea what this puppy’s name is (still) or if this is a new addition to the household of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively. But based on that post, this is definitely Deadpool’s dog. I mean, technically it’s really Reynolds’ dog, but we think this puppy would look great in Deadpool’s red and black suit.

We keep our fingers crossed that the actor gives us more details about the pup and even if he doesn’t, Lively maybe will. We will look into it in any case Instagram repeatedly to see if we get any new puppy posts from any of the social media accounts.

Have you seen Reynolds’ post with the puppy? What did you think? Do you think the actor will share more information about the puppy in future posts? Let us know.

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