Scotland’s most pampered dog breeds and names revealed

Scotland’s Most Pampered Pooch in Scotland has been revealed.

Data from showed that cockapoos (a mix of cocker spaniels and poodles) are the most spoiled dog in the nation.

The report also revealed that Zuchons (a cross between a Bichon Frize and a Shih Tzu) indulged in Glasgow and Irish Doodles are the most indulged breed in Edinburgh.

John Smith, Founder of, said, “Every dog ​​deserves to be pampered and to enjoy the ultimate best life possible. ”

“After the explosion of new dog owners last year, we’ve seen owners want to pamper their pets more than ever and treat their fur babies as human family members.”

This Boston Terrier wonders why it didn’t make the list.

10 most spoiled breeds in Scotland

  1. Cockapoo
  2. Spinger Spaniel
  3. pug
  4. Hungarian Vizsla
  5. beagle
  6. German speprador
  7. Lurcher
  8. German wirehaired pointer
  9. Australian working kelpie
  10. Pugzu

Greenock Telegraph:

10 least spoiled breeds in Scotland

  1. Shetland sheepdog
  2. schnauzer
  3. Shih-poo
  4. Schnoodle
  5. Pomerania
  6. Staffy Jack
  7. Greyhound
  8. Miniature Schnauzer
  9. Shih Tzu
  10. Lhasa Apso

Greenock Telegraph:

These are the top 10 most and least spoiled dog names in the UK based on a study of average spend of over 450,000 pet profiles.

Does your dog make the list?

Most spoiled names in the UK

  1. Disney
  2. waffles
  3. jam
  4. jazz
  5. Matty
  6. diamond
  7. Carlos
  8. Luke
  9. Ripley
  10. Biff

Greenock Telegraph:

Least Depraved Names in Britain

  1. Franky
  2. Oz
  3. Macey
  4. Tye
  5. Esra
  6. Marco
  7. Zach
  8. diva
  9. Perry
  10. Sulley

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