Search is on for Britain’s favourite dog breed

Cheshire Live has teamed up with our brand new sister site TeamDogs and the fabulous Pooch & Mutt Food for Dogs Company to find out which breed of dog is really the nation’s darling.

Here, Millie Reeves Winner of the Basset Fauve de Bretagne and explains exactly why they are the best breed.

If you agree or disagree, we will give you the opportunity to vote in the search for the UK’s most popular dog breed.

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The breeds with the fewest votes end up in the dog house. The lowest 10 finishes are eliminated every week until we have our worthy winner!

I know there are many breeds out there that share the same gentle nature as the Basset Fauve de Bretagne (or Fauve if you know about it like me).

But what they don’t have is their evil personality. Their mannerisms and facial expressions convey a dog who knows that it is a good and proper dog from a noble line, but their strangely short, barrel-like body and gloomy faces say otherwise.

There have been so many times that Rafferty, with his goofy looks and perfect comic book timing, just let everyone down.

We woke up one morning when he was a puppy to find him standing on the kitchen counter where he had apparently spent most of the night.

I don’t know how he got up there, but the expression he gave us was something like “I made a bad mistake, please don’t mention that again”. It still makes me smile years later.

In our neighborhood he is known as The Ball Stealer. Despite his small legs, he can keep up with the best and regularly steals balls from his playmates.

Sometimes when two dogs are arguing and one has left his tennis ball on the grass to yell at another dog, Rafferty sneaks up and steals it from everyone’s nose.

He’s just as mischievous when it comes to food. His current favorite game is getting the cat to push bags of dog food off the cabinet shelf so that it can put a bag in its mouth and use it to hide behind the sofa. It’s the face he gives you when you find him, like you’re wrong for thwarting his master plan.

Appearance isn’t everything, but fauves are beautiful.

If they are puppies, they are the most perfect puppies a puppy can be. Chubby belly – check, huge ears – check, a cartoon dog face – check.

I know all (dog) mothers say their kids are the cutest, but look me in the eyes and tell me this isn’t the prettiest puppy you’ve ever seen?

And do you know what’s more beautiful than a cute puppy? The fact that they change color as they grow.

Do you remember the viral video of the black goldfish turning to gold with love and affection? It’s like what Fauves do. As they grow up, they develop a wiry fawn coat and completely transform. Another thing about hair is that it is a bit of a shape changer.

A haircut fauve is a very different dog than a shaggy one. When Rafferty was trimmed right back, my kids were convinced we had a new dog! Double Epic Mum Points there for me.

In short, the Fauve has everything the perfect dog should have and is the best breed.

Take a look at the TeamDogs leaderboard and cast your vote. If your darling isn’t there, just email us at [email protected] in 200 words and let us know how brilliant the breed is and why they deserve to be won and we’ll add them to the competition

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