Security Footage of Couple Stealing Puppy From An Illinois Store

Put this under “inexcusable”.

Shoplifting is never okay, we all agree. We could probably agree when it comes to people stealing food out of hunger and separation. Unfortunately, regardless of the background or the reason for the theft, laws are laws. As far as this article goes, this is just a mess. Perhaps the worst part of it is that similar instances of the same trials happened on these furry babies at Yorktown Mall.

If I break down what is going on in this security footage and consider a few other important details, it could be a methodically planned theft or dognapping.


The Furry Baby in Yorktown is very similar to its Rockford location on CherryVale Mall.

The man and woman who work together are not good people.


It looked like a normal day with the Furry Babies in Lombard. The story was super busy and packed. During the hustle and bustle of the store, a couple walks in who clearly had a planned destination and it wasn’t to buy a dog. Instead, they knew exactly which puppy they were going to steal and planned how to escape. In the video, the co-conspirators put their plan into action, or at least it looks like that.

In short, a man and a woman enter the pet store and separate. The man appears to be interacting with a shop employee. (Plan A: Create a distraction. Check)

At the same time, you’ll see a woman getting a puppy out of bed, which by the way, you shouldn’t do, and putting the puppy in some kind of bag.


This is important because when you are masked figuring out who they are will be quite a challenge. However, that can change quickly if surveillance cameras catch you leaving the mall. According to FOX 31, that’s exactly what happened.

We know what car they drove, it’s a purple Honda Odyssey, it doesn’t have license plates. Obviously they had planned this.


Furry babies hope that the puppy will be returned unharmed.

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