Shaheen Bhatt: Of Indie puppy & sibling love

Dolls paradise

I live in a 1 BHK in Mumbai and I’ve always wanted to have a dog. But I’m not sure it will work as there is no place for him / her to walk around. What’s the best solution?

—Ashok, Mumbai

Space to run around would be great, but you and your dog can do just fine without it. Mumbai is full of indie dogs in dire need of loving homes. While you wouldn’t give this dog a garden, give him a roof over his head, regular meals, and lots of love. Make sure you take your dog out and expose him to new things as often as possible and I am sure he / she will thrive.

Pandemic blues

My brother was inducted into the college of his dreams but had to give up the opportunity as it made no sense during the pandemic. I can see he’s pretty depressed, but he won’t talk to anyone about it. How can i contact him?

—Deepti, via Instagram

The pandemic has cost us all in different ways. Damage has occurred worldwide. People have lost opportunities, jobs, homes, health, and even loved ones.

Shaheen Bhatt’s public presentation of her own mental health challenges fueled the discourse on a relatively ignored topic and made her a role model for young girls to look up to

From HT Brunch, June 6, 2021

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