Shropshire college’s guide dogs puppy is honing new skills


Acton Burnell-based Concord College has just received its six-month official “pupdate” report on guide dog harmony – named after the definition of Concord.

Harmony is a female Labrador crossed Golden Retriever.

She is the guide dog puppy sponsored by Concord College and added to the training program earlier this year.

Vanessa Hawkins, Concord Marketing Director, said at the time, “The idea of ​​sponsoring a guide dog puppy is an idea we’ve had for the last year or so – and the student outreach team chose guide dogs as their primary charity to support them in their final academic year. ”

In an official letter from Guide Dogs, Fundraising and Marketing Director Maria Novell said, “We spoke to her puppy educator Geraldine to find out how they are doing.

“The harmony has been great wherever she has been involved in her training so far.

“Wearing the guide dog puppy jacket on training walks is useful for showing people that she is training and shouldn’t be distracted.

“She will also try her paws to visit busy city centers and explore the world around her and practice walking up and down stairs.

“Also getting on and off various elevators and traveling on various forms of public transport, including buses and trains.

“This is a great opportunity for the pups as they get used to different environments and experiences – Harmony has been great everywhere she has been taken so we hope it stays that way.”

Concord College will receive another update when Harmony turns eight months.

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