‘Shut up and give me the puppies’ – Mum reveals moment she was held at knifepoint in traumatic dog theft

A shaken mother spoke for the first time of the moment she was held by the knife by masked robbers who stole a litter of puppies worth thousands of pounds.

Samantha Stewart, 25, was grabbed and threatened with a blade in the kitchen of her home in Kings Norton. All she could do was watch the thieves kick Polly, the puppy’s mother, in the head before taking the four-week-old.

It happened on the morning of Thursday, June 10, days after the five English Bulldog puppies were put up for sale on Facebook for between £ 3,000 and £ 4,000 each.

“They kicked Polly in the head, it was horrible, it was horrible. It made me shiver, feel sick, couldn’t sleep,” Ms. Stewart, who owns the pets with her boyfriend, told BirminghamLive.

“I had her here because I’m alone with my daughter. I thought that would be good for a bit of security – and then it happened.”

The robbers fled through their garden and are said to have passed the puppies over the fence to a third perpetrator to put in a bag.

Samantha Stewart, 25, was threatened with a knife while her dog Polly was kicked in the head during the robbery

The pups weren’t even named when they were caught from the Shrewton Avenue address around 10:20.

Mrs. Stewart had just dropped her daughter off at school when she found the masked intruders in her kitchen calling for the pups.

She recalls: “I went back inside, I locked my door, I went straight through my house to the back door, I opened the back door and the dog ran into the back garden.

“I came back to make coffee and saw something move out of the corner of my eye. When I turned around, there were two crackers in masks in my kitchen.

“I shouted, ‘What the hell are you doing in my house?’

“One of them shouted: ‘Give me the puppies, shut up.’ He grabbed me, got the knife and yelled at me for my cell phone

“The knife wasn’t far from me, I kind of threw the phone away. I just wanted them to go, there was nothing else for them.”

The second “boy” just stood there in silence, she said before kicking the puppy’s mother in the face.

“The dog cage was in the kitchen and he was just leaning forward,” she added.

The adorable pups, a little over four weeks old, hadn't even been named when they were caught

The adorable pups, just over four weeks old, hadn’t even been named when they were caught

“The dog went for the smaller boy and when she went for him he kicked her in the face, she just ran after me.

“I was scared. I’ve never been in this situation in my life.

“I thought it was just the two boys, but my neighbors came out and saw. The two boys in my yard took the pups over the fence to the other boy, who put them in the sack.

“They then ran down Druids Lane towards Walker’s Heath Park and ran through towards the top of the Fold.”

“The dog walks around panting, she’s devastated, she whines and cries and sniffs,” said Ms. Stewart.

West Midlands Police have opened an investigation and branded the incident as a “traumatic experience” for the victim and the dog owner.

A police spokeswoman asked anyone with information or witnesses to the robbery to report.

The appeal read: “We are investigating after five dogs were stolen in a robbery on Shrewton Avenue in Birmingham at 10:20 am on June 10th.

The missing pups

“We learned that two men entered the property before threatening a woman with a knife and taking her phone along with five bulldogs belonging to a friend.

“This is understandably a traumatic experience for both the victim and the dog owner.

“Our investigation is still in its infancy and we ask anyone who has information or who witnessed the incident to contact us as soon as possible. Please give the crime number 20/1036621/21. “

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