Soap and Furry dog grooming business moves into Scotgate

A brand new shop has moved into a townhouse.

Soap and Furry in Scotgate began welcoming furry friends for a groom on June 30th and has already proven to be a “great” hit.

Carly Latcham of Stamford started the company from a cabin in her back yard last year but recently made the decision to expand.

Carly with MollyCarly with Molly

The 29-year-old said, “It is a big change to come here from a cabin in the garden. I’m still getting used to it.

“I was looking for a way to expand, because when it was founded, I originally got a building permit for temporary use.

“I searched for a while and then found this place which is perfectly located next to the parking lot and on the edge of the city center.”

Carly at Soap and Furry in ScotgateCarly at Soap and Furry in Scotgate

She added, “I’ve made a lot of new customers anyway, but the fact that people are seeing us and being more aware that we exist has made us busier and busier.

“We are extending our opening times.

“We used to be restricted by the council so we wouldn’t disturb the neighbors, but here we can open early and do two evenings a week.”

Carly prides itself on working with dogs who may be nervous after seeing the trust of many of their furry customers grow.

Soap and fur in ScotgateSoap and fur in Scotgate

Soap and Furry will also offer a dog care system for people who have to go into town but have nowhere to leave their dog.

Carly said, “As soon as I find my feet, we have pens in the front of the store and I plan to offer short-term day care.

“Someone driving into town and needing someone to look after their dogs for 15 minutes could put them in a cage here.

“I have some pens for dogs that are dropped off early, but the others are for it.”

Carly previously worked in the motorsport industry before making a drastic career change last year.

She said, “I’ve always wanted to work with dogs and animals and I was ready for something new.

“I just had the feeling that now was the time to change something.”

The change has helped give Carly a better work-life balance while also giving her the opportunity to work as a freelancer for motorsport companies.

Due to its opening last August, Carly only knows of running one store in the pandemic.

While this presented some challenges, the company has managed to overcome the other side.

Carly said, “I had to close on the lockdown as there were very conflicting guidelines on what was essential. It was horrible and I was struggling but luckily the customers understood and waited to come back.

“I hadn’t acted long enough to get government support.”

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