SPCA looking for puppies dumped outside store, then taken by children in Auckland | 1 NEWS

The SPCA is looking for seven young puppies who were thrown in a crate outside shops in Auckland’s Ōtara and then taken away by school children.

Puppies dumped in Auckland’s Otara. Source: SPCA

Yesterday afternoon the SPCA received reports that a litter of puppies had been littered in a polystyrene foam box in front of the Chinese takeaway and the Othello Superette stores on Othello Drive in Ōtara.

“We’re not sure when these puppies were disposed of or how long they were in the crate,” says SPCA Area Manager Margaret Rawiri.

“Unfortunately, before our SPCA inspector could reach the pups, a number of college-age kids who were in the stores at the time we were called took the pups away.”

Two of the discarded pups were found, but seven are still missing. Source: SPCA

Due to their young age, the SPCA fears that the puppies could die without proper care.

The rescue organization said nine pups were thrown away, but SPCA staff managed to get two of the two-week-old pups back today.

They were examined by a veterinarian and found to be underweight, dehydrated, and cold, with one of them suffering from nasal discharge.

“While we understand that they may have been taken away to protect them, we want to make sure that because of their age and vulnerability, they are safe,” says Rawiri.

The abandoning of animals is prohibited under the Animal Welfare Act. The SPCA says the puppies were left out in the cold with no supplies before they were taken by the children.

Anyone with information about where the puppies came from or where they are now is asked to contact the SPCA confidentially on 09 256 7300.

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