St. Charles Police give boy new puppy after his was killed

ST. CHARLES, Mon. – The St. Charles Police Department surprised a young boy with a new puppy after he was run over two weeks ago.

Ashley Michels works for the department and posted on her personal Facebook page that “the boy was walking his dog and he got off the leash, got into traffic and was accidentally hit by a young girl”. That killed the dog.

“I’ve heard that Dad is struggling to look after his son on his own and he’s gone a lot for military service,” said Michels.

The city’s animal welfare workers collected gifts for the boy. She said the boy got a Wii, a Nintendo Switch, and a new puppy, among other things.

The new pup is a girl, and Michels said she had the honor of handing it over to the boy.

“To say he was excited is an understatement,” said Michels. “I had to hold back some serious emotions here.” The boy said he decided to name the new pup Angel.

“Days like this make me very proud to be part of this organization. We have some pretty good hearted people up there so if you see them around you might be quick to say thank you! ” said Michel.

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