Stolen puppy returned to Wellesley family after being tracked down in Framingham


Ember – the eight-month-old black lab – disappeared Thursday.

Ember was on a rope in the front yard of her Wellesley when she disappeared. Christiana Botic / The Boston Globe

A puppy stolen from her Wellesley home was found and returned to her family on Sunday after police said she was kidnapped by two suspects in Framingham last week.

Ember – the eight-month-old black lab – was lying on a rope in the front yard of her Wellesley home on Redwing Road when she disappeared “in a very short time” on Thursday, July 22nd. Her owners, Neil and Illana Nissenbaum and their three children, were surprised she disappeared after being handcuffed outside to dry off after swimming, the Boston Globe reported.

“She’s never getting out,” Illana told the Globe. “The only way she can come off is if she runs out the door.”

Wellesley Police Department reported that the tether and buckle appeared to be working properly, leading Officer Derek Harris to believe the dog had been stolen. Locals quickly helped the Nissenbaums find Ember, who the Globe reported was “famous” in the neighborhood.

“Everyone rose,” said Neil Nissenbaum. “I think my wife told me that the postman, the UPS driver and the police were looking for Ember that morning.”

Officer Harris, along with Officer Mike Mankavech, then spoke to neighbors on the street, some of whom had security cameras and were providing footage to the police. The statement said Harris noticed a vehicle circling around the Wellesley family residence several times before the disappearance.

After checking the license plate, officers found the suspicious car belonging to a Framingham resident. Police arrived at the suspect’s home on Sunday and saw Ember “in sight”.

The statement said Wellesley Police worked with Framingham Police to recover the puppy and identify the suspects. Ember was returned to her owners later that evening and was unharmed.

DEVELOPMENT: @WellesleyPolice: 8 month old black lab puppy kidnapped and recovered.

Two Framingham people are charged.

Boss: Suspects said they took the dog away because of one of their health problems.

“They thought they’d be better.” @ NBC10Boston

– Eli Rosenberg NBC10 Boston (@EliNBCBoston) July 26, 2021

Police announced they had arrested a 40-year-old male Framingham resident at the scene. Another suspect – a 32-year-old Framingham resident – has also been identified and is on trial, according to police.

According to NBC10 Boston, the suspects told police that they had taken the dog to “feel better” about an unidentified health problem.

The suspects are charged with $ 1200 theft and conspiracy. The male suspect was charged in Dedham District Court on Monday, while the female suspect will be charged at a later date.

Ember is petted by her family ahead of a press conference at the Wellesley Police Department on Sunday. – Christiana Botic / The Boston Globe

“Wellesley Police Department would like to thank everyone in the Redwing Road and Cedar Street neighborhoods we have spoken to over the past few days,” the statement said. “Without the help of the neighbors, this case would not have ended so well.”

“[Ember] brought us together as a family, ”Illana told the Globe.

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