TAPS No-Kill Animal Shelter needs people to foster puppies, kittens

PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) – Heads of the TAPS No-Kill Animal Shelter in Beijing said the shelter was overcrowded.

Executive Director Holly Crotty said they need more people to care for puppies and kittens.

She said last week the staff brought 16 puppies in one day. This is in addition to the pets that come to the shelter on a daily basis.

Crotty said the pups need more grooming, including bottle-feeding every few hours, and outside of the shelter.

“It helps because it keeps the boys out of the protective system who don’t have immunity and haven’t got vaccines because they’re too young,” Crotty said. “It helps keep them healthy, it helps socialize them and puts them on their way to adoption and a forever home.”

She said caring for a pet is a special experience and the shelter has everything to take care of the animal.

“It’s so rewarding. I actually started saving as foster parents and I will tell you when they are adopted I cry like a baby every time but then when you get the first update and see how well they are doing and you already know for helping, ”said Crotty.

Those interested in caring for a pet can apply online.

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