The dog breeds most at risk of being stolen in Somerset

Animal theft has increased since the first national lockdown as pet prices and demand for pets rise due to the pandemic puppy phenomenon.

The price of dogs in the UK has increased by as much as 450 percent during the lockdown, and Home Secretary Priti Patel has vowed to consider tougher measures to curb the “absolutely shocking” rise in pet thefts.

New data now shows which breeds are most at risk after insurance company compiled data from police forces across England.

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The data shows how many dog ​​thefts have been reported over the past five years and which dog breeds have been stolen most often.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers have been named as the breed most at risk of dog theft as they accounted for just under a fifth of all incidents with 367 thefts in the past five years.

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Staffies are among the most popular dogs in the UK, so it might come as no surprise that they are one of the most commonly stolen dogs, accounting for a whopping 19.4 percent of all dog thefts in the past five years.

The second dog on the list is Chihuahuas, as their small size seems to make them an easier target for theft.

Another small breed, the French Bulldog is the third most widely stolen breed with 149 thefts in the past five years.

A french bulldog

French Bulldog thefts doubled from 2016 to 2020 and can be worth from 3,000 to 10,000 pounds.

The list of the top 10 dog breeds that have seen the most thefts in the past five years:

1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier – 367 thefts

2. Chihuahua – 163 thefts

3. French Bulldog – 149 thefts

4. Jack Russell Terrier – 107 thefts

5. Pug – 97 thefts

6. Bulldog – 94 thefts

7. German Shepherd Dog – 93 thefts

8. Yorkshire Terrier – 77 thefts

9. Cocker Spaniel – 66 thefts

10. American Bulldog – 63 thefts

If you are looking for ways to protect yourself from dog theft and keep your pet safe, the microchip is key and also a legal requirement.

This ensures that your dog can be easily identified and returned if it is lost.

Owners should also ensure their dogs have a collar and ID tag with their name and address on them.

When walking your dog, it is important to remain vigilant, especially if friendly strangers come to greet your dog.

Dog owners should also maintain a secure garden with locked gates, especially in front of a house where there is easy street access.

As much as you want to share pictures of your dog online, try not to provide any information such as: B. Where you live and where you walk your dog.

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