The Golden Retriever is the most loved dog breed on the internet in 2021

It is official! The golden retriever is the most popular breed of dog on the internet. It’s true we all love Goldens! However, can you guess which breed of dog came up close? Let’s just say golden retrievers may not hold onto the # 1 spot for long.

I love golden retrievers, you love gold retrievers, we all love golden retrievers! In a study by Money, after analyzing social media posts and reactions, the source learned which animals are the most popular (as well as the most destructive breeds of dogs).

It helps that the pandemic has increased the demand for a pet and dogs are the most popular pet. Think about it, most of us (especially those who live alone or just one other person) have been quite lonely over the past year.

A dog instantly beautifies a home and cheers everyone up! In fact, dogs are proven to help our mental health. Science!

Of course, a loyal, obedient, and cuddly breed of dog would rank high. We didn’t expect this breed to rank that high, but it’s always a good surprise. So keep it up, Golden Retriever! We love you.

Click on the source (linked above) to read more fun facts about dog breeds and pets that are currently trending. But for the top 5 most popular dog breeds, read on.

Golden Retriever and the 5 most popular dog breeds

  1. Golden retriever
  2. Cocker spaniel
  3. German shepherd dog
  4. Bernese Mountain Dog
  5. Cockapoo

Can I brag about my trendy neighborhood? With the exception of the Bernese Mountain Dog, someone on my street has at least one of these dog breeds, it’s always fun to watch them play or go for a walk outside.

And doesn’t everyone love buddy and their puppies from the Air Bud / Air Buddies series or Full House’s Comet? There are also social media stars like Kevin the Golden and Charlie the Golden on Instagram and Facebook that are fun. In addition, gold is the highest Olympic medal and contributes to its brilliance and success.

Did you expect this dog breed to become the No. 1? Do you think they make the most cuddly, loyal pets? I have a Goldendoodle, but that counts as a Golden Retriever, doesn’t it? However, doodles can be a little more hyperactive.

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