The Most Spoiled Dog Breeds in the United States

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – MARCH 07: A Great Dane named “Lawaetz Danes Blue Cool Legacy” sits at the NEC Arena on day 3 of the Crufts dog show. At the annual four day show, around 20,000 pedigree dogs will visit the center before on the “Best in Show” will be awarded on the last day. (Photo by Leon Neal / Getty Images)

Do you spoil your dog to the max? You might say to yourself, “Wow, I really spoil my dog.” That’s fine because they are our babies and the best family members we have!

New dates from the personalized pet gift store have revealed the most spoiled dog breeds in the United States. Celebrated for their loyal, intelligent, and protective personality traits, of the 300 breeds studied, one breed topped the charts! Can you guess? Well, this sporty and noble breed is most likely to be showered with treats and gifts by its owners: it’s the Doberman. also came out as the top dog in the states of Wisconsin, Louisiana and West Virginia. researched over 300 popular breeds and 5000+ individual pet profiles to identify the most opulent puppies from every region of the US. The three most popular dog breeds in the United States are Doberman Pinscher, Whippet, and Great Dane.

The coveted Doberman Pinscher is the most spoiled breed of dog in the U.S. and is most likely to be inundated with treats by its loving owners. Second, on the podium of the spoiled pooch is the Whippet – loved for his friendly and affectionate manner and known as one of the fastest dogs in the world. The third most spoiled dog breed is the Great Dane – these gentle and peaceful souls just want to please their “Homan” owners and make great watchdogs.

Here is the full list of the ten most spoiled breeds across the United States:

No. race
1 Doberman Pinscher
2 Whippet
3 German Mastiff
4th Schnoodle
5 American bulldog
6th Shetland sheepdog
7th poodle
8th Springer Spaniel
9 Shih Tzu
10 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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