The top names for pandemic puppies has been revealed

Go Compare recently conducted a study to find out what we called all of our pets during lockdown, and the results may surprise you.

During the lockdown, many of us invested in a furry friend to keep us company as many of us realized that there really is nothing better than putting on your best walking shoes and taking your pooch for a long country walk. Interestingly, we may not be as original and creative as we thought, as many of us have given our pets the same names.

Go Compare recently revealed the top ten pet dog names that were brought along during the lockdown. Go Compare discovered that many of us liked to pick a classic hit called Charlie at # 10 and Reggie at # 9 in the top ten.

It seemed like some of us were influenced by food, drink, and food-related names that also ranked high this year, with Bailey and Coco making the top ten list. Bailey was ranked 8th while Coco was the seventh most popular. You go coco!

The name Lola came in sixth, Buddy fifth and Teddy fourth. Teddy was also the most popular name for Shih Tzus during the lockdown, as Go Compare also found that the fluffy breed was most commonly called Teddy, which probably has to do with their adorable fluffy fur that actually makes them look like real teddy bears.

The third most popular name for a dog is Milo, who was narrowly beaten by the name Bella. These cute names are extremely popular with dog owners, and Bella is the most common name for various breeds such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiller, and English Springer Spaniel. Milo was also popular, especially with smaller dogs, as Milo is the most popular name for Jack Russells.

In the first place is the name Luna. This popular name far surpassed all other names and has been crowned the most popular dog name. The popularity of this name is spreading to cats as well, becoming the most popular name for cats and dogs.

So if you’re looking for some trendy names to name your pandemic pooch, these are all fantastic options, but be sure to name them with caution! Keep in mind that if you call for your new dog Luna in the park, you might get bombarded by some dogs!

The top names for dogs:

Luna, 1753

Bella, 1492

Milo, 1352

Teddy, 1067

Buddy, 1020

Lola, 946

Coco, 887

Bailey, 858

Reggie, 779

Charlie, 775

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