Theft of $8,000 puppy caught on camera at Illinois mall

by: Dana Rebi, Nexstar media cable

Posted: 07/17/2021 / 12:45 PM EDT
Updated: 7/17/2021 / 12:51 PM EDT

LOMBARD, Illinois (WGN) – A puppy was stolen from a pet store in Lombard, Illinois on Friday afternoon, with surveillance footage showing the theft on camera.

The $ 8,000 worth of 10 week old puppy was fetched from the Furry Babies store on Yorktown Mall at around 3:45 p.m. while the store was fairly full.

The surveillance video of the theft shows a man in a gray hoodie and Gucci hat walking into the store and distracting a coworker while his accomplice in a long ponytail and white shirt walks to an open-air bed and grabs a puppy. Then she goes out.

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“She knew where the puppy was [that] she would take. She reached into the crib, ducked and shoved the puppy into her purse and booked it from the store, ”said manager Kaylee Wallace.

The woman is wearing a mask, so it becomes difficult to identify her. However, the mall security agents caught the couple exiting and getting into a car in the parking lot.

“We know what car you drove, it’s a purple Honda Odyssey, it doesn’t have license plates. Obviously they planned this, ”Wallace said.

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This isn’t the first time this has happened at the Furry Babies site, with Wallace noting that several other attempts have taken place. But the store policy clearly states that you must not put your hands in the cribs.

“Our # 1 priority is to get this puppy back. We want him to be safe, we are asking the public for help in getting him back, ”Wallace said.

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