Therapy puppy stolen from three autistic brothers

ROCHESTER, Minnesota (KTTC) – When Jennifer Arendt got home from work yesterday, she learned that her sons’ therapy pup had been stolen from her front yard.

On Friday night, Arendt’s 14-year-old son was playing outside with his dog, which he often did. Arendt tells us that a vehicle stopped and a woman got out and asked if she could stroke the puppy. The stranger then took the puppy out of the 14-year-old’s hands and put it in the vehicle with the driver. Then she set off on foot.

Jennifer says her kids don’t exactly understand what happened to their pet, but they are scared of being home alone or even going outside.

“It’s absolutely devastating, I mean, I thought I could leave them home alone, you know, this was the second year they should be home alone. You know it’s supposed to be summer now and I can’t … I can’t leave her at home alone, I can’t leave valuables in my garden, you know, bikes, pets, everything else. It’s not the same Rochester that I grew up in, ”said Arendt.

As much as she longs for her pup to return, this incident has left Jennifer with a lot of doubt. She fears that one day her children may never be able to live alone, a daunting thought for parents.

Arendt adds that it is important to understand that this is not just a dog that was stolen from a family, but also a boy with autism who has apparently been exploited.

If you have any information about this situation, please contact the Rochester Police Department.

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