“There Surely Can’t Be Anymore!” Texas Dalmatian Gives Birth to 16 Puppies – Inside the Magic

Photo credit: Fredericksburg Veterinary Center

A dalmatian in Texas and her owner had a real 101 dalmatian moment in late June when the mommy puppy gave birth to an incredible 16 pups! The owner of the Dalmatian named Luna brought Luna to the clinic after giving birth to five puppies, but struggled with the rest.

Dalmatian puppy Photo credit: Fredericksburg Veterinary Center

It turned out that Luna’s sixth puppy had an injury – meaning it was facing the wrong way when it was born. For this reason, the vets at Fredericksburg Veterinary Clinic began delivering the puppies by caesarean section. Then they realized how many puppies there were.

101 DalmatiansPhoto credit: Disney

In an interview with Newsweek, Brittni Turner, the clinic’s veterinarian, said everyone, including the owner, was absolutely amazed.

“I kept saying to the owner: ‘There can’t be more!’ And they kept saying, ‘There can’t be more!’ “Turner told Newsweek. “I then said, ‘I know there are at least two more.’ Then I’d say, ‘Oh, there’s definitely one more. No, there are two more. ‘”

In the end, 11 more puppies were born by c-section. “We always counted the pups wrong!” Turner told Newsweek. “The owner was back and helped, our receptionist, our technicians. We pretty much had everyone helping out back there. Finally we counted that there were 16 puppies, five of which were born naturally, of which 11 remained that we gave birth by caesarean section. “

Dalmatian puppyPhoto credit: Fredericksburg Veterinary Clinic

The birth of the litter was announced on the Facebook page of the Fredrickburg Veterinary Center.

This morning at the Fredericksburg Veterinary Center everyone was on deck for an emergency caesarean section!

We always hope that labor does not require surgery, but unfortunately after 5 puppies were born, one of the puppies was turned upside down without any problems.

Dr. Turner and our wonderful team of technicians jumped into action and successfully gave birth to 11 more puppies by emergency caesarean section. Puppies were everywhere !! We are happy to report that all 16 puppies and mom are doing great after the operation. It wasn’t 101 Dalmatians, but we had our hands full this morning !!

Although sixteen Dalmatian puppies may seem like a large number – and it definitely is – it’s not the world record! This honor goes to an Australian pooch named Miley who gave birth to eighteen puppies in May 2017.

While a number of Luna’s pups have been c-sectioned, which is major surgery, Luna and the pups are fine and thriving.

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