These 3 Dog Breeds Are the Best Traveling Companions

After a year of being locked out of binge-watching TV shows, working from home, and air fryer meals, you’re finally ready to travel and see new places. Do you know who else made it with the daily routine? Your cute puppy who was with you for the whole quarantine. The daily walk around the block and the occasional trip to the dog park are great, but just how you want to explore them. But before you wrap up your dog and set off, there are a few things to consider.

While we all love our furry friends, some of them may not be suitable for travel. For example, if you are thinking of flying, large breeds of dogs like Alaskan Malamutes and Dobermans may not be able to keep up. “Many airlines have a £ 20 limit. So if you have a bigger dog you have to buy a seat, ”explains Katja Lang, DVM, Medical Director at Heart of Chelsea Veterinary Group. “It is helpful to have a dog that can be comfortably carried in a carrier bag as some airlines require that your pet be kept in the carrier during the flight.”

And of course, some doggos are a little more sensitive than others, so before you tow them on a plane, make sure they are in the correct emotional state. “Consider using an anti-anxiety supplement or medication for your pet if you think the experience will be stressful,” advises Dr. Long. (CBD for dogs maybe?)

But for the hiker looking for a new explorer, here are the three dog breeds that are easiest to travel.

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On average, these adorable pups weigh around seven pounds, making them lightweight flight attendants. Not only do they fit neatly into a luggage rack under an airplane seat, they’re friendly and docile too. While these lap dogs nudge you here and there for a gentle pat, they are unlikely to bother the other passengers. And although they are rather small, these little dogs are agile athletes. So expect them to keep up as you walk along the beach or happily trot beside you on a moderate hiking trail.

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If your ideal destination is a beach town or a forest vacation with lakes and rivers nearby, Portuguese water dogs are the easiest travel companions because – you guessed it – they love the water. But while they’re sucking for a good splash in the ocean and a nice romp in the sand, you don’t have to worry about messing up the shiny white marble in your AirBnB. Portuguese water dogs are known to be obedient so you can easily instruct them to stay outside while they are being cleaned up. (Note: with an average weight of 55 pounds, these pups are more suitable for car trips than airplanes.)

Just because these lovable puppies are growing into large adult dogs doesn’t mean they want to stay home. With an average weight between 60 and 70 pounds, labs are made for long road trips and outdoor adventures. They are happy to accompany you on a hike, explore campsites and if you fancy a trip to the beach, these top athletes are also adept swimmers.

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