These Are The Most Popular Dog Breeds In Every State

Different breeds of dogs are associated with different traits – loyalty, energy, intelligence, friendliness, fluffiness and more. While humans have their personal favorites, there are also some interesting geographic trends when it comes to the breed’s popularity.

CBD pet brand Honest Paws released a report breaking down the most popular dog breed in each state based on Google data. It turns out the loving Havanese is a favorite in New York, New Jersey, Nebraska, Michigan, and Idaho. Meanwhile, Arizonans and Vermonters love pugs.

The people at Honest Paws based the report on Google search trends over the course of 12 months.

They compiled a list of 40 popular dog breeds from the seven main groups – working, herding, hound, terriers, toys, sports, and non-sports – to see which had the greatest search interest in each state and District of Columbia. Only 24 breeds ranked first in at least one state.

They also identified a “Best in Search” dog, also known as the breed that ranks # 1 in most states: the bulldog. Bulldogs were searched most often in California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia (perhaps unsurprisingly since it is the University of Georgia mascot), Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, Ohio, and Texas.

Queen Elizabeth might find some kindred spirits in Oregon and North Dakota, where the king’s preferred breed, the corgi, was most sought after. And the often misunderstood pit bull was loved in Arkansas.

Check out the infographic above for the full list and visit Honest Paws for information on the methodology behind this report.

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