These Are The Most Spoiled Dog Breeds

A new study by the personalized pet gift store has revealed the most spoiled dog breeds in the United States. The winner? Dobermans! Dobermans are known for their loyal, intelligent, and protective personality traits. Of the 300 breeds studied, Dobermans are most likely to be treated to treats and gifts from their owners.

In second place is the whippet. Whippets are loved for their friendly, loving nature and are known to be one of the fastest dogs in the world.

The third most spoiled dog breed is the Great Dane – these dogs are gentle and peaceful, and just want to please their owners. Great Dane are great guard dogs.

This is the full list of the ten most spoiled breeds across the United States:

No. race
1 Doberman Pinscher
2 Whippet
3 German Mastiff
4th Schnoodle
5 American bulldog
6th Shetland sheepdog
7th poodle
8th Springer Spaniel
9 Shih Tzu
10 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The study shows that owners of these breeds spent the most on toys, accessories, and treats for their pets.

These are the national results. But it doesn’t stop there, but has broken down the most spoiled breed per state. North Carolinians love their Shetland Sheepdogs. And the South Carolinians love to pamper their Westies.

The full list of the Most Pampered Dogs in the United States, including each region’s specially spoiled pups, is available here.

The Most Pampered Dogs in the U.S. data were collected over the past 12 months from May 2020 to May 2021 and examined 300 popular breeds and over 450,000 individual dog profiles created on Looking at the highest average spend per breed per region, the data shows the most spoiled dogs in the U.S. by breed, name, and location. Also, according to data from, the study shows the least spoiled breeds just according to data from – that doesn’t mean these breeds aren’t as loved and adored by their owners as the others are!

The Top 10 Most Pampered Dog Breeds Gallery:

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