This Is NYC’s Top Trending Dog Breed, Study Says

NEW YORK CITY – New Yorkers are cuckoos for cockapoos.

The unkempt, fluffy poodle and cocker spaniel hybrids are the hottest dog breed in New York City, according to a study by Rover.

They had some ruff competition from the Havenese who – in short, shaggy dog ​​- chased second place.

But in the end, New York City declared the Cockapoo a good boy 15/10.

“With their affection for their family and their innate kindness, it’s no surprise how popular they are,” the study says.

Rover, a dog-centric website and app, didn’t stop in New York City only. They used data from across the country to produce their study, America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds 2021.

Mixed breed breeds ranked first nationwide, according to the study.

But “doodles” – poodle mixes like the Cockapoo – also turned out to be popular pooches.

According to the study, New York City’s most popular breeds are:

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