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Sometimes pets can completely shock their humans with their actions. This video, which found its way onto Instagram, shows such a wise act of a dog. The video shows what the doggo did when a little puppy stole his favorite toy. His clever ruse to outsmart the puppy and get his toys back has impressed many and may even inspire you.

The video was published on an Instagram profile called “gsdloverspage”, an account dedicated to those who love German Shepherds. However, the clip was first posted to a TikTok account called @mother_ shepherd.

The video opens to show a little puppy playing with a toy and an older German Shepherd dog walking around him. “Dex has a hard time learning to share,” read a caption on the video.

It becomes clear that the puppy was playing with a toy that Dex, the big dog, wanted to play with. That’s when the dog does its nice trick. He goes and gets a blue ball and leaves it in front of the puppy. And what do you know, the puppy takes the bait and rushes to grab the ball, releasing the earlier toy for Dex.

“It turned out that we have quite a businessman,” says the text of the video. Well, when you watch this video, it’s hard not to disagree. Your little game doesn’t end there, however. Check out the entire video to see what happens in the end.

Check out the incredible interaction between the two dogs below:


Within two days of sharing on Instagram, the video garnered over 2,000 likes and multiple comments.

“That’s too cute,” shared one person. “Dogs are smart,” added another. “Lol bait and switch,” wrote a third. “If the puppy sees too much fun with the ball, he wants the ball back,” wrote a fourth.

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