Two women arrested in connection with missing puppy

Two women were arrested in connection with the alleged theft of a Nailsworth puppy.

Although the police are still trying to find the dog.

The Lurcher puppy, named Moth, was reportedly stolen from a Morrisons parking lot in Gloucestershire on Thursday July 8th.

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Police were called with a report that five-month-old beige tabby Lurcher puppy, Moth, was stolen after escaping from a compound.

Moth was later spotted in the Morrisons parking lot on George Street in Nailsworth before being arrested at around 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

Five month old beige brindle Lurcher puppy, Moth

CCTV footage at Morrisons shows two people in a blue van picking up the dog with a collar and on a leash.

The police are asking for information on how to find the allegedly stolen puppy.

They said, “The investigation into the identification of the van is ongoing and anyone who was in the area yesterday or witnessed the dog theft is asked to report.

“Information can be submitted by completing the online form citing Incident 150 of July 9th.

“Alternatively, information can be submitted by calling 101 and providing the same details.”

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