Two young boys sacrifice a packet of chips to save their puppy

On Thursday, May 27th, two young children brought their little pup to the Animal Welfare Society of SA because she stopped eating.

They had no money with them, but were willing to hand over their package of Nik-Naks, which was probably the only thing they could eat all day in exchange for their help.

“While the foster assistant was busy examining her puppy, I snuck away to check how much credit we had in our PayFast account and was relieved to see several donations recently that were pointing to enough money to give her little pup the treatment she so badly needed, ”says Allan Perrins.

“When I returned to the clinic to bring them the good news, they were so happy and delighted to be allowed to keep their package of Nik-Naks. So this thank you is about much more than recognizing your gift to us. “

Thanks to you, the readers, the Animal Welfare Society of SA was able to cut into pieces the puppy of the boy they love and teach them one of life’s most precious lessons about care and sharing.

Image / s: Delivered

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