Vicky Pattison’s new puppy chews through her shoes and destroys her house leaving her ‘exhausted and stressed out’

VICKY Pattison revealed how her new pup chewed his way through a pair of £ 565 worth of designer shoes when he “wrecked” her house.

The former Geordie Shore star took to her Instagram Stories to describe how Labrador Milo stole her suede office heels while she was not looking.

Vicky showed how her puppy Milo broke her shoes


Vicky showed how her puppy Milo broke her shoesCredit: INSTAGRAM
The star was filmed when Milo puppy chewed on office heels


The star was filmed when Milo puppy chewed on office heelsCredit: INSTAGRAM

Vicky, 33, adopted the cute dog last month and has since struggled with the mayhem as he destroyed items all over her home.

The star has shared his mischievous antics on Instagram, including ripping feather pillows, eating toilet paper, and pulling her hair out.

On Friday, Vicky revealed how the cheeky Labrador had stolen a pair of her favorite shoes and chewed it on the side.

She described being a “good boy” while being looked after by friends, and joked that Milo had made her a “last f *** you” after trying to keep him from seeing her Destroy home.

“I left him alone for two minutes,” Vicky complained in a sad voice as she filmed the puppy happily chewing on the bare suede heels.

“He shows me how angry he was that I left him. It’s a good thing this is just Office, Mr. Milo, because I swear to God that if you had a red ass you would go back to Eastern Europe.”

She added a video of all the items Milo had destroyed in his four weeks since leaving home, showing the sad state of the shoes up close.


“HE came like a wrecking ball,” joked Vicky, playing Miley Cyrus’ iconic track in the background while filming the damage.

She also celebrated her new dog: “4 weeks you Mr. Milo, I can hardly believe that that was all. They broke into our lives and showed me what true love and hard work really are.

“I’ve never loved anything so much and at the same time so exhausted and stressed out. It’s an anomaly that many of you can identify with.”

Vicky later joked in the post, “I’m learning to be the best mom I can, but in the meantime, I’d really appreciate it if you took my shoes off.”

“PLEASE! At least the ones with the red bottom maybe?” she added alongside a row of smiling faces before saying he was “worth the hard work”.

“Worth every pile of poop, chewed shoe, sleepless night, arm nibbling, baguette theft and minor mess,” concluded the reality star. “Happy one month anniversary, Mr. Milo !!! To many, many more, my furry little asshole.”

Fans immediately flooded the comments to ask Vicky how she coped with the mess and laughed at Milo’s antics all over the house.

“Then it’s fine,” joked MTV star Natalee Harris, while a fan joked, “I think newborns are easier, but maybe not as cute.”


While Vicky loves her fur baby, she admitted earlier this year that she had taken great precaution to avoid having a human baby anytime soon.

The star announced to her boyfriend Ercan Ramadan that she will sleep in a separate bedroom as they are “super careful” not to get pregnant.

Vicky, who admitted that she had stopped using all forms of birth control for her well-being, said she had “enough on her plate” without having a baby.

The reality star explained that the birth control implant caused her “mood swings”, saying she noticed “improvements” after taking it out.

She told The Mirror, “I took it out two months ago and now I think my body is back to its natural rhythm.

“There have been ups and downs, but I’ve noticed improvements, my emotions aren’t nearly as strong now.”

It meant Vicky and Ercan had to be “super careful” in the bedroom and even had to sleep in separate rooms.

“We’re super, super careful,” said the MTV personality. “We are careful with ‘separate bedrooms’.

“I would love a baby in the future, but I think we have enough on our plate now.”

Vicky said she was


Vicky said she was “exhausted and stressed” from the puppyCredit: INSTAGRAM
The heels were completely destroyed by the dog


The heels were completely destroyed by the dogCredit: INSTAGRAM
Vicky and Ercan adopted Milo from Europe


Vicky and Ercan adopted Milo from EuropeCredit: INSTAGRAM
Vicky Pattison enjoys a date with Ercan and shows an “orgasm face” while the private chef cooks for her in her new home

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