Video shows puppy left abandoned on side of New Bedford road

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WLNE) – A New Bedford resident’s Ring Doorbell camera captured the moments when a woman left her pup on the side of the road.

It happened on Allen Street. ABC 6 News spoke to the resident who owns the doorbell camera, which said it was triggered when a car pulled up in front of his house.

The video shows a woman getting out of the passenger side of the car and opening the back door to let her dog out. In the video you can hear the woman say: “Take care, Buddy”.

The woman then gets into her car and the silver truck switches on and drives off. In the next few moments the puppy walks forward with its tail wagging and no car in sight.

The family whose ring camera captured those moments said they started searching the neighborhood as soon as they saw the video but couldn’t find the dog.

New Bedford Animal Control is now actively searching for the dog and the police are investigating.

People in the neighborhood told ABC 6 News they were sad to hear about the video and hope that someone will find the puppy.

“I find it inhuman to just leave a dog that you have committed to outside like that,” said Jahir Rosa. “It shows that some people don’t understand. It’s a responsibility; you take care of an animal. “

Residents like Sean Pires say many people had pets during the pandemic and were likely not prepared for them.

“It’s just tragic to hear about it,” said Sean Pires. “There are a lot more dogs in the area than there used to be.”

If you have information, call New Bedford Animal Control at 508-991-6366.

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