Volpino Italiano Dog Breed Information


The Volpino Italiano goes back to the same ancestors as the German Spitz, of which it is not a descendant, but a relative. They have always been bred in Italy and adored in the palaces of the nobles, as well as in the huts of the common people, where they were especially valued for their vigilance and instinct for guarding. They have been depicted by Italian master painters such as Michelangelo in the 1400-1500s, Andrea Landini in the 1800s, Andrea Verrocchio in the 1400s, Vittore Carpaccio in the 1500s, and H. Enrico Coleman Roma. In the 18th century, Volpini were the tireless companions of the wagoners of Tuscany and Lazio and were always ready to announce loud strangers on the streets.

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