Vote to take Greyhounds into the lead in the UK’s favourite dog breed competition

Greyhounds shot their way to third place in Britain’s most popular dog breed competition – register another vote to take them to the top!

Thousands of votes have been cast since our sister site TeamDogs partnered with Pooch & Mutt to launch the UK’s Most Popular Dog Breed Competition. Dog owners across the country are struggling to endorse their most popular breed.

Chronicle Live endorses greyhounds as the nation’s most valued dog breed – after shooting from ninth to third place this week.

Charlotte Vowles defended greyhounds for Chronicle Live. She wrote, “With a top speed of 45 mph and muscle tone that would make even the fittest Love Island contestant jealous, it’s easy to see why greyhounds are worthy contenders for the best breed of dog.”

Get your favorite breed in the lead and register one more vote in the competition now.

Head over to the leaderboard to see who else is on their heels.

Every Friday we saw the 10 races with the fewest votes that were eliminated from the competition. Last week the corgi, miniature poodle and pomeranian all came to the ‘dog house’.

You only have six days to win your favorite dog as the poll ends on Saturday August 14th.

Don’t miss your last chance to make a difference!

Push your most popular breed to first place by casting another vote on the leaderboard now.

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