Wallys World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training Offers In-House Dog Training Services for Dogs of All Sizes, Breeds, and Ages in Long Island, NY

In-house training services available in Long Island, NY Available

Long Island, NY – Wally’s World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training has grown into one of the most popular dog training academies in Long Island, run by expert dog trainers with over 2 decades of experience helping clients treat all types of dog behavior, from Potty training to destructive behaviors that can pose a threat to people and other pets in the community.

Unlike other dog training academies in the area that offer training services in groups and outside of the dogs’ habitat, Wally’s World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training offers in-home services when dogs are trained to deal with real-life situations in their environment to deal with. Their fully licensed specialists adopt a balanced approach that includes the application of positive and negative reinforcement, which helps develop appropriate behaviors in dogs and their environment.

Full service dog training services for all types of needs

Wally’s World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training offers all types of dog training courses including, but not limited to, puppy training, K9 training, dog manners training, therapy dog ​​training courses, as well as several other dog obedience training programs. Regardless of the age, size or breed of dogs, these training specialists strive to understand all of their clients’ needs and to help them address any behavioral issues efficiently.

They offer the Beginner Puppy Training Program for puppies between 8 weeks and 4 months to give them a good start to achieving goals. They also specialize in the basic dog training program for dogs 4 months and older, and focus on personalized training techniques tailored to each dog to develop reliability and predictability. For a more advanced training program that strengthens the dog’s reliability, Wally’s World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training offers the Advanced Dog Training Program, which is perfect for developing a clear line of communication with the dog, regardless of environmental distractions. Wally’s World of Dogs: Long Island Dog Training also offers a full dog training bootcamp which is a consolidation of their three programs and offers comprehensive training ranging from burglary and general commands to advanced techniques that address destructive behaviors, separation anxiety, Hyperactivity, aggression, including from excessive barking and pinching.

Each Long Island Dog Training dog training process begins with an assessment to determine behavior problems, the level of obedience training, and many other factors that could affect the training process. Once the assessment is complete, an individual training plan will be created for each dog and its individual needs. To determine if the plan needs to be adjusted, a new assessment will be carried out during the training process to ensure that all behavioral issues are fully addressed.

In addition to in-house training services, Long Island’s dog trainer offers Board & Train dog training programs which consist of separating dogs from their owners for the first few weeks of their training and placing them in the care of the designated trainer who takes over the pre-lesson. They will then return home for follow-up learning and, as with the in-house program, owners will use the trainer’s advice and techniques to learn how to follow their dog’s training.

Contact Wally’s World of Dogs: Dog Training on Long Island

Those looking for a top-notch dog trainer on Long Island can contact Wally’s World of Dogs: Long Island Dog at (631) 729 1664. For more information on their services or to make an appointment, visit the company’s website.

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