Watch Tex learn new tricks with Stephanie Bennett from Believe In Dog Training

HOUSTON – Teaching your dog tricks is a fun and rewarding activity for everyone! Since Tex is one of the smartest dogs we know, we wanted to test his knowledge by teaching him two new tricks.

Stephanie Bennett, owner of Believe in Dog Training (and Tex’s favorite by the way!) Gave us some pointers on the right steps to make this successful. Today we tried the “Bang!” (playing dead) and “hustle” (snaking through our legs as we walk.)

Stephanie used the lure / reward method and also incorporated a clicker to “mark” moments to give Tex feedback that he did things right.

Another suggestion: break down trick training exercises into small steps. Dogs learn faster and with less confusion when the exercises are broken down into small steps. Keep training sessions short and take plenty of breaks from play.

Always finish training with success, and as long as your dog wants more, exercise, repetition, and patience are key.


Watch Lauren Kelly and Stephanie Tex put Tex to the test!

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