Watch this Cleveland Police dog training school in action

The CLEVELAND Police Dog Support Unit has conducted its first training course for external students since national accreditation for their police dog school.

The Specialty Course was conducted by police dogs and their handlers from the South Yorkshire Police, Cumbria Constabulary and Northumbria Police.

The dog school, which was accredited in September last year, offers courses for all-purpose dogs, forensic evidence gathering, weapons support and special searches such as drugs, cash, weapons and explosives, as well as introductory courses and instructor courses.

The accreditation, awarded by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC), was the result of an inspection by the Police Dog Working Group (PDWG) and included a review of all lesson plans, records, staffing, training facility, shelter, kennel, equipment, animal welfare regulations and compliance with the Police Dog Guide .

Instructor PC Darren Gobie, who has been with the Cleveland Police Dog Support Unit for 25 years, said, “We are excited to be delivering our first external armed forces training course since we received accreditation.

“We were able to welcome colleagues from Northumbria, Cumbria and the South Yorkshire Police to an 8-12 week professional training course and hope to expand our already wide range of courses as the training school evolves and to accept more students.

“The progress we’ve made since gaining national accreditation is a great achievement for the Cleveland Police Dog Support Unit. It shows how committed the unit is to providing the best possible service and keeping the Cleveland communities safe. ”

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