What are the most popular dog breeds on Instagram? (surprising results)

Do you follow any dogs on Instagram? We all do and we all have our favorites! But do you know what the most popular dog breeds are? You may be surprised by the results of a new report!

The comparison site GoCompare recently published a report revealing the most popular dog breeds on the social media platform Instagram. Can you guess which breeds are in the top 10?

Forgive me for being biased, I was very disappointed to find the lovely and cozy Goldendoodle nowhere on the top 50 list. The results have been added up using hashtags, so it seems I need to hashtag my puppy pictures more often!

Maybe next time Goldendoodles will make the cut! In the meantime, I was also surprised by the fact that Chihuahuas are number 1 on the list with around 42,892,924 hashtags.

Sorry, I love all four legged friends, but Chihuahuas are overrated. Pugs with 40,801,203 tags are right behind Chihuahuas. Pugs are darn cute! (And we can imagine some famous pugs that probably helped make this happen.)

To be fair, while Goldendoodles didn’t make it on the list, Golden Retrievers did. They proudly come in 5th place with 35,868,256 tags.

The top 50 most Instagram-capable dogs, which one is your favorite? Photo courtesy of GoCompare.

The top 10 most popular dog breeds on Instagram

  1. Chihuahua
  2. pug
  3. French bulldog
  4. Bulldog
  5. Golden retriever
  6. Labrador Retriever
  7. Siberian husky
  8. dachshund
  9. poodle
  10. Pomerania

These are just the top 10 results, but GoCompare has many more facts on their website! Some of the other fun facts are the top cats on Instagram (which are nowhere near as cute as our canine buddies, but you know).

The site also shows which dog breeds are the most popular in different parts of the world, it’s really great!

Would you like to know the top 3 dog names? That’ll be Bella, Charlie, and Luna, in that order! Do you have a puppy friend by these names? Or did you choose something more original?

Keep an eye on the source for more fun facts about dogs! And keep following cute puppies on Instagram!

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