What Are The Most Popular Dog Breeds Today

A well-known saying goes: “Everyone says their dog is the best and everyone is right”. While this may be very true, there are always dog breeds that are more popular than some others, and if you’re wondering which ones people prefer today, you’ve come to the right place. There are nearly two hundred breeds out there, and the only thing that every dog ​​has in common is that they are a lovable and loyal pet that stays with you no matter what. Follow this article to see what are the most popular dog breeds today.

Popular dog breeds

There are around two hundred dog breeds in the world today that differ in size, brain, athletic ability, friendliness, coat, color, etc. With this in mind, it is logical that among these dog breeds there are also those that humans are more eager to have. Also, if you are considering buying a dog in the near future, you should know which ones are the crowd favorites right now as they could help you choose.

  1. Maltipoo

This particular breed is actually a cross between a Poodle and the Maltese, and they could be the cutest little white cotton balls you will ever see. These little maltipoos are perfect if you live in an apartment or if someone in your house has an allergy because they are sure not to sneeze from those little furry friends. Another great thing about them, and why people love them besides their size and cuteness, is the fact that their fur won’t fall off so you don’t have to worry about grooming after them.

Other than that, these little canines are very smart and easy to train, they don’t require a lot of exercise, and can make great therapy or service dogs. Unfortunately, they can get sick, so be careful if you get one. Don’t let them run too far from you as they love to explore the areas they visit.

  1. Labrador Retriever

These large family dogs have thick, hard coats that can be either yellow, black, or chocolate in color. They are a very friendly and affectionate breed who can easily bond with the whole family, no matter how old or how tall they are. They are a social breed who would love to make friends with neighboring dogs and people. They are also very athletic and need to be trained.

  1. French bulldog

These dogs are the smaller versions of the classic bulldog, but they have bat ears. They are a charming breed because they can be so bright and loving. They don’t bark too much either, but are very vigilant which makes them good watch dogs. They will easily adapt to their owners and will not require too much exercise. Frenchies are friendly with other animals too.

  1. German shepherd dog

This breed has long been very popular and is still used in the armies and police forces for being smart, brave, and confident. They are also very loyal and easy to train to obey orders at all times. They will defend you with all of their hard work. Other than that, they are a large breed with lovely dark yellow and black fur.

  1. Golden retriever

This is perhaps the definition of a family dog. They are a sturdy and muscular, medium-sized breed that many people get because of their intelligence and loving attitude towards their owners. Their fur is a little longer and available in different shades of gold. They are a very friendly, happy, and playful breed that loves everyone and they tend to behave like puppies all their lives which is a very cute sight to see in adult dogs.

  1. Bulldog

Their relatives in the south have already been mentioned, but English Bulldogs are also one of the most popular breeds these days because they are calm, brave, and friendly. They are also great and loyal guard dogs who can bite intruders and other hostile people and animals very hard. Their fur is short and available in a variety of shades, while it is also very smooth. Although they may seem lazy around the house, you should take them to exercise regularly so they don’t get depressed and sick.

There you now know some of the most popular dog breeds that people prefer today. It can help you choose depending on what type of dog you are looking for. Remember, no matter what you choose, these furry friends will reciprocate with lots of love and fun. Choose them wisely and enjoy!

  • The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and is in no way a substitute for medical attention or the advice of your doctor.

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