How to Teach Your Puppy to Listen, Focus, and Stand Up


How to Teach Your Puppy to Listen, Focus, and Stand Up

When training your dog to listen, focus, and stand up, always reward the desired behavior. Dogs are extremely intelligent and have a way of learning what is expected of them and what they can get away with. Most effective training techniques involve rewards and punishment. The right reward depends on the motivation of the dog, which may be food. A dog that is more interested in affection, however, may prefer treats over praise. In either case, always reward your dog when he listens to you.

Another skill to teach your dog is name recognition. Say his name to him throughout the day. Try to capture his attention while saying his name. Use food as a reward. You can bring the food up to his eyes and reward him when he looks at you. Once your dog understands the association, you can use the same technique to teach him the command “sit.”

A more effective training method is lure training. This method works faster than clicker training. Lures allow you to use your puppy’s favorite toy as a lure, and it does not require touching the puppy. When your dog obeys your command, the lure will act as a guide and you will be rewarded accordingly. This training method is a great choice if you want your puppy to behave correctly. This training technique also works well for puppies who have trouble with putting down their toys.

Basic obedience commands such as “sit” and “come” should be introduced during mealtime. Food is an excellent lure and reward for your puppy’s obedience training. As your puppy grows, you can begin working on the commands outside the home. Try taking him out for walks in a public place so that he can learn different locations and command combinations. You can even take him to an accredited dog training class. Once your dog learns these commands, you can work on leash training and heeling.

While training your dog to come to you, make sure you use positive reinforcement. Treats are a great way to encourage your pet to come when called, and when you want to reward him for a good behavior, try to distract him with a treat. You can also play with your pup by crying on the ground while teaching him to come to you. Then, when he is distracted and isn’t near you, try calling his name again and see how long it takes.

The next step in potty training your dog is acclimating him to the outdoors. A puppy will display some signs of needing to go, like sniffing and circling, longing for the outdoors, and waking up from a nap. If your puppy starts showing these signs, take him outside right away to his favorite bathroom spot. Give him lots of praise and pats when he does it outside. This will ensure that he eliminates outside regularly.