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Tips For Dog Training Your Puppy

If you want to train your dog to obey, use one of the many methods out there. While you may be tempted to punish your dog, this will only make the situation worse. Instead, you should teach your dog to ignore the less-tasty treat by holding out the better one. When your pup refuses to come when you call, try calling his name and showing him a treat. When your dog does not come when called, you can try to entice him back by crying on the ground.

In order to make training your puppy easier, consider observing a class where the trainers aren’t able to distract other dogs. Training at home, however, allows you and your dog to focus on what is most important. It is also possible to observe classes yourself, without bringing your dog. Training methods based on positive reinforcement work best for most dogs. When you praise a dog for the right choice, it becomes reinforced and ignored when it does the wrong one.

Socialization can start after vaccinations, but quality is more important than quantity. Select the people you introduce your pup to and ensure that their personalities mesh with the dogs. Don’t force your puppy to play with different people, either. Rather, monitor his play and reward it when it responds to commands. Socialization can also include structured play sessions where your dog can develop basic obedience skills. It can be difficult for a dog to learn commands if he has not been socialized properly.

Obedience exercises are essential for all dogs, and even more so for high-energy breeds. Basic obedience commands will help your dog behave, and you can add advanced ones to challenge him. The adage, “an overly tired dog is a bad dog,” is not correct. Mentally and physically tired dogs are better. So, it’s important to take your dog for regular walks and obedience training sessions. A dog that is both mentally and physically tired is less likely to become destructive.

Training your dog to use the bathroom outside is another way to avoid accidents. Ideally, a dog should go outside every two hours. You can tether him to your legs or nearby furniture. You can use food as a reward for good behavior. Food can also encourage eye contact. Bring a piece of food to your dog’s eyes and praise him when he eliminates. Involve your puppy in the training process and you’ll be sure to get a happy, healthy dog in no time.

When walking your dog, make sure he is leashed. This will make it easier for you to interact with your dog and avoid accidents. Besides, it will teach your dog to ignore other dogs. This can be especially helpful when he’s out playing with you. You should try to reward him for his good behavior when he doesn’t bite other people. Once he’s mastered this behavior, you can start enforcing your rules to prevent your dog from being a biting dog.