What Is the Most Loyal Dog Breed?

From the story of a black laboratory performing countless times to save the lives of military soldiers to a pit bull who sacrificed his own life to save the family’s children, it is these heroic stories of the most loyal dogs that To make it easy to see how it is doing the species has been nicknamed “man’s best friend”. What began as a mutually beneficial relationship thousands of years ago has grown into a deep, sometimes supernatural feeling community. According to Cesar’s Way, it’s more than the reliable source of food and shelter (and table debris …) that keeps dogs loyal. (Though these things certainly help!) It’s their intrinsic loving nature and their desire to be part of a pack. Fortunately for us, they are not very picky about who is there. What qualifies a breed as one of the most loyal dogs? Is the protective nature of the Rottweiler? Or the labrador retriever’s infinitely eager personality? There’s no official measurement of the most loyal dogs, but if you’re looking for a lifelong companion who is unequivocally loyal, consider one of these dedicated dogs.

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