Why 3-year-old Dexter is finally getting to be a puppy

Dexter had never sniffed a fire hydrant, chased a squirrel, or barked at a passing car.

When he arrived at the PEI Humane Society this spring, he was a little suspicious of people along with 13 others abandoned under 77 from a property in Cape Breton.

But Christian Gallant decided to take care of Dexter anyway, at least until he found his home forever. Dexter initially kept his distance, said Gallant.

“He’s been imprisoned for most of his life and he’s three years old. And as you can imagine, he’s never seen many of the things puppies do in their early days.”

Dexter has never seen what most other pups do. (Christian Gallant)

Gallant was Dexter’s third foster family. Dexter eventually began to warm up with Gallant and his two other dogs.

The steady supply of goodies might have helped. But Gallant remembers the moment when Dexter officially stole his heart and became a permanent part of the family.

He just nudged me with his nose to say I want some love, how I want you to touch me, I’m ready.– Christian Gallant

“It was that moment, like that aha moment, when he came over and I was working and he just nudged me with his nose to say I want some love, how I want you to touch me, I’m ready.”

It is what is known in the canine community as “Foster Fail” when dog lovers are so attached to the animal that they cannot give up on it.

“So Dexter is a foster child,” said Gallant. “He’s joined my pack.”

Gallant’s heart was there for the reception. He had lost his oldest of three dogs and said he was missing something.

“As much as I love my other two dogs, there are those other four paws, right, and those extra pats at night in bed that were missing.”

Dexter officially became part of the Gallant household on Wednesday. (Christian Gallant)

Gallant said Dexter, taking anxiety drugs, got along with his other two dogs better than he expected. It took him longer to win Gallant’s trust.

“It took two weeks for him to fully open up to me and let me be touched and things like that. And he would always keep a close eye on me in the house. And he would be around me, but didn’t necessarily want to interact with me, because he wasn’t ready mentally. “

Gallant signed the adoption papers on Wednesday. He said it was nice to see Dexter get out of his shell.

“He plays with the other dogs. And he seems very puppy, probably because he never had the experience or opportunity to be a puppy.”

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