Wrongly Accused K-9 Puppy Jailed in Indiana

Framed K-9 of the Indiana County Sheriff jailed for the murder of stuffed rabbits.

A few weeks ago I told you about a K-9 puppy who was apparently accused of murdering three stuffed rabbits. Now the Indiana Putnam County Sheriff’s Office says they have their suspect in custody.

Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

Putnam County Sheriff K-9 Puppy Brody is now serving up for a crime he did not commit. Meanwhile, Putnam County Sheriff’s deputies say there must be justice for the stuffed rabbits who have been brutally torn to pieces.

Photo from one of the crime scenes. Not suitable for minors

Courtesy of the Putnam County Indiana Sheriff

Part of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office statement of the arrest is below;

We have an important update on the great bunnycide kaper. Suspect in custody !!
Yesterday we had another incident in the sheriff’s office. There was mass slaughter in the hallway. Once again a stuffed bunny was found dismembered, but the suspect wasn’t finished there! Our suspect then broke into Corporal Brian Helmer’s office and began searching the house. Pens, tools, paper and other office supplies were stolen from the office and scattered across the hallway. On top of that, Corporal Helmer’s wallet appeared briefly as missing. It would be located later, with drool and dog hair all over the place.

However, our suspect did not escape this time !!! Sheriff Stockton caught him pounding Corporal Helmer’s office supplies with red paws. K9 Brody was taken into custody and taken to the interrogation room for questioning. As you can see in the photos, Sheriff Stockton tried his best interviewing techniques, but Brody resisted and eventually claimed his right to legal counsel. Sheriff Stockton had no choice but to charge Brody with triple bunnycide charges, theft of office supplies, and illicit drooling on a deputy personal effects. Colonel Demmings took Brody into custody, showed him his orange prison clothes and booked him into our high-security cell K9.

K-9 puppy Brody is aware of his precarious situation and has requested legal assistance from the Felling & Felling Law Office. According to Putnam County Sheriff Stockton, Brody has filed numerous complaints about his treatment while in custody, including but not limited to the following:

  • He gets real dog food instead of human food
  • He doesn’t get any treats
  • The chew toys are inadequate
  • No starting stripes on the agent list
  • His prison mat lacks the plushness he’s used to
  • Nobody has called him a “good boy” for hours
  • Nobody agrees to turn the TV on Animal Planet
  • Leisure / yard time is insufficient. He complains that he has to go in and out at least 25 times a day

# FreeK9Brody

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