You’ll Never Guess the #1 Most Popular Dog Breed in Oklahoma

Now this one surprised me. Never in a million years would I have guessed the most popular dog in Oklahoma. I sure thought it was the lab or some larger field and hunting dog, but I was a long way away.

I am a dog owner myself and have 2 laboratories. One is a fully grown Chocolate Lab and the other is a Lab Mix. Both are great dogs and great fun to be with. Super friendly and incredibly sociable, just ask anyone who stopped by or rang the doorbell. What is the Most Popular Breed in Oklahoma?

Honest Paws did a new study using Google Trends to find out which dog breeds are the most popular in each state. It was tracked to see which races were most googled by state. As it turned out, the ten-state Bulldog was the big winner. The Havanese followed in second place with five states.

Surprisingly, 24 different dog breeds won in different states, including Oklahoma. Here in the Sooner State, the Dachshund was the winner. See, I told you that you’d never guess!

Two states Googled the Dachshund, making it the most popular breed in their state, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Little did I know there were so many different species of Dachshund. I always think of the little black and brown “Viennese dog” when I think of it.

Dachshunds come in two different sizes and three different types of fur. As cute and adorable as these little dogs are, they were originally bred to hunt badgers and other small game. So don’t be fooled, these dogs are tough and can safely hold their own. I mean, hunting a badger in its hole is not an easy task! For the full list of the most popular and googled dog breeds by state, click here.

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